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Psychiatric Technician (PT) FAQ’s


What are the eligibility requirements?

* Students must be 18 years of age

*Applicants must be a registered student at West Hills College

*Must provide a copy of "student profile page" from West Hills College Portal

*Must have a high school diploma or GED (We do not accept ANY foreign High School and or College transcripts. They must be evaluated by an approved Transcript Evaluation and Translation Service. Please see "Informational Packet" for approved places or check with Student Services (559) 934-2300.

*Current driver's License or I.D. Card

*Social Security Card


What are the program's pre-requisites?

*NO IN-PROGRESS CLASSES. Courses must be reflected on transcripts with a grade.

*Math 101 (3 units - "C" or better)

*English 51A (3 units - "C" or better)

*Placement test scores

(If Pre-requisites have not been met)

***Math 61 or 63

***English 1A

How long is the program?

The 1 year program consists of three semesters with content areas in nursing science, psychiatric nursing and care of persons with developmental disabilities.

When is the program offered?

Classes begin every August and January.

How is the program structured?

Two 8 hour days of theory based lecture per week Skills lab practice and skills check off two days of clinical at various facilities around your community - a wide area- students rotate through the clinical assignments and facilities. These days are 10.5 hours each.

What are the class times and locations?

Theory: 7:30AM to 3:30PM on campus Skills lab - on campus Clinical: 6:30AM to 5:30PM

Dates and times vary while in the program

Clinical Site locations consist of:

*Coalinga Regional

*Ralph Neate Long Term Care

*Coalinga State Hospital

*Corcoran District Hospital

*Local Schools

*Atascadero State Hospital

*Porterville Development Center

What is the total cost?

Approximate cost of tuition, books, supplies and uniforms: $4,700.00 entire program.

Is there financial aid available?

There is financial aid available, and we will direct you to the appropriate people. DON’T QUIT YOUR CURRENT JOB UNTIL YOU SPEAK TO US.

What is the starting wage?

$3560.00 to $4905.00 depending on employer.

Are there job opportunities?

Yes, there are projected to be job openings at Coalinga State Hospital, the new Mental Health Hospital in Stockton and various locations throughout the Central Valley.

What if I have something on my record?

If you have been convicted of assault, fraud, chemical dependencies or are on probation when you enter the program, you may choose to reconsider applying for the Psychiatric Technician Program. You cannot do the clinical hours necessary for licensure with these types of convictions. All applicants will be be required to pass a background check, which could include fingerprinting upon being accepted into the program. If you accept a position in the program and do have a record of conviction as listed above, you could be asked to leave the program. If you have concerns about your background you can visit:

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