Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

The California State Departments of Mental Health, Developmental Services and Corrections as well as private and county psychiatric facilities are a few of the agencies which employ licensed Psychiatric Technicians.

On July 1, 2005 the construction of Coalinga State Hospital was completed and turned over to the Department of Mental Health. The new state-of-the-art facility is staffed with more than 750 staff members and it is anticipating hiring an additional 1250 positions in order to achieve full staffing. These positions include multiple professionals including medical, psychiatric technicians, nursing and hospital police officer staff to work in the facility.

Coalinga State Hospital is a multidisciplinary mental health facility that delivers psychiatric rehabilitation and recovery-oriented inpatient services to a population comprised of civilly committed sex offenders and acutely mentally ill prisoners. Hospital professionals assist in the development and implementation of new and innovative programs for the treatment of this unique population. This multi-modal treatment program is designed to assist participants in developing skills and behaviors for managing their deviant behavior and for reducing their risk of re-offending.

West Hills College offers two unique training programs for people seeking employment with a State Hospital – Hospital Peace Officer Training Academy and Psychiatric Technician. The Hospital Peace Officer Training Academy (AOJ 56) is a four (4) month course in hospital peace officer training as determined by the California Department of Mental Health and the California Penal Code. The Psychiatric Technician program is a one year, three (3) semester training program that prepares people for employment and to take the state exam for Psychiatric Technicians.

For more information regarding the Coalinga State Hospital please visit their website

For a complete listing of California State Jobs visit the State Personal Board website. The website is a good starting point for finding vacant positions, exam bulletins, job specifications and pay for each classification.

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