Integrated Pest Management Certificate of Achievement

Pest Control Advisors (PCA) are licensed professional production consultants who serve California agriculture producers. PCAs specialize in pest management, but are also an important resource in a wide range of production concerns related to plant health. Whether you are a first-time student with an interest in pest management or a working professional looking to change your career, West Hills’ PCA certificate program can help you advance toward this in-demand job.

PCA certificate courses are designed to align with the state of California’s C-I, making them transferable to colleges throughout the state. Students who complete WHCC’s PCA certificate program as well as 24 months of applicable work experience are qualified to take the California Department of Pesticide Regulations (CDPR) Agricultural Pest Control Advisor (PCA) exam. This program offers 43 units of coursework designed to fulfill the educational requirements to take the PCA exam.


  • Students will be able to provide written pest management recommendations.
  • Students will become an authority on agricultural use.
  • Students will understand the sales of products or services for agricultural use.
Integrated Pest Management Program Course Requirements 


Weeds and Poisonous Plants

3 Units


 Economic Entomology

 3 Units


California Pest Control Laws and Regulations

 2 Units


 lntegrated Pest Management 

 3 Units

Total Needed in Core Requirements

11 Units

In addition to the core courses the student must take at least 3 units from Plant Science and 4 units from Agriculture Fundamentals
Plant Science Requirements (Choose 1 Course)
CRPSCI l Introduction to Plant Science 3 Units
CRPSCI 2 Plant Science Theory 3 Units
  Total Needed in Plant Science Requirements 3 Units
Agriculture Fundamentals (Choose Courses that equal at least 4 units)
AG 10 Introduction to Agriculture  3 Units
AG 11 Agriculture Sales and Communication 3 Units
AG BUS 15 Computer Application to Agriculture 3 Units
AET 10 Surveying 3 Units
AET 11 Advanced Surveying with GIS Applications 2 Units
AET 15  CAD for Agriculture  2 Units
AET 16  CAD Applications for Land Management in Agriculture 1 unit
AET 21 Ag-lrrigation Management 3 Units
AET 22  Irrigation Evaluation and Design Principles 4 Units
CRPSCI 6 Introduction to Precision Agriculture 3 Units
CRPSCI 7  Advanced Precision Agriculture 3 Units
CRPSCI 19  California Water 3 Units
CRPSCI 36  Fertilizers and Soil Amendments 3 Units
SLSCI 21 Soils  
  Total Needed in Plant Science Requirements 4 Units
Background and Rationale
"The graying of America is on a collision course with the feeding of America. One of the key elements in California's ability to feed millions are the state's 4,100 licensed Pest Control Advisers." There is a severe shortage of qualified employees. Terry Stark, of the California Association of Pest Control Advisers, said a survey revealed that only 17% are 44 or younger while 35% are 45 to 55 and almost 40% of its members are over 55. "The opportunities for crop protection professionals over the next five to 10 years are endless," said Steve Alexander of Helena Chemical Company in Fresno, CA. 1 Of the approximately 3,000 Pest Control Advisers who are members of CAPCA, about half are expected to retire in the next 10 years, says Terry Stark, CAPCA executive director.2 Currently the demand for employees possessing a PCA license far exceeds the supply. This creates the perfect gap for training students for a high skill, high wage career in agriculture." 

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