Food Science and Safety*

Like the idea of making sure we have safe food? Become a Food Safety Officer! U.S. Agriculture has the safest food supply in the World! Food Safety Officers and Technicians are a main reason.

The Food Science and Safety Program will prepare students for careers in food quality control, sanitation, safety, processing, and product development. Employment opportunities include positions with food processing operations, local, state and federal food inspection services, food sanitation and public health services, and food research and development ventures. The curriculum in this program is accredited by the International HACCP Alliance. Students completing the program coursework will receive a certificate with the International HACCP Alliance seal and also earn the Association of Food & Drug Officials (AFDO) Preventative Control Qualified Individual for Human Food (PCQI) certificate.

Students learn:
  • How to sample and test food
  • Run bacterial tests
  • Proper food handling and storage
  • Advise companies on sanitation practices
  • Certify safe food practices
  • Microbiology lab techniques
Planned courses include:
  • FSS  05:  Food Safety Management with Application to Production Systems
  • FSS  020  Agriculture Laws & Regulations   
  • FSS  025  Principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control  Technical
  • FSS 030  Audits, Preventive Controls and Produce Safety  Technical
  • FSS  040  Facility Food Safety Management 
  • FSS  035   Principles of Food Science   
  • FSS  010  Food Chemistry  
  • FSS  015  Microbiology of Foods 
* This program option is not eligible for federal student aid funding. Students who pursue this program option may seek financial assistance from the California Promise Grant which can help pay for enrollment fees if eligible.

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