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Child Development - CD
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Abbreviations for Degree, Non-Degree, and Transfer Courses

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(NDA) Non-Degree Applicable

  • CD-012B
  • Principles and Practices of Ec
  • Credit(s) 3

Principles and Practices of Ece Field Wo Early Childhood Practicum-Field Exp
CD 012B offers an opportunity to demonstrate developmentally appropriate early childhood teaching competencies under guided supervision. Students will utilize practical classroom experiences to make connections between theory an practice, to develop professional behaviors, and build a comprehensive understanding of children and families. Students will be expanding their knowledge of curriculum content by designing, implementing , and evaluating their teaching experiences and the value of their interactions used in the classroom and with the children involved. Both positive and negative experiences will be evaluated and will be used for improvement and validation.

Class Hours:
18 Lecture | 108 Laboratory
Prerequisite(s) CD-5, CD-10, CD-12A, and CD-16:
CD 012A (Required, Previous or concurrent).
ENG 051A and Negative TB test (Recommended, Previous or concurrent).
Transfers to:
Transfers to CSU only