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Administration of Justice - AOJ
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Courses numbered 1-49 — are baccalaureate level (transfer) courses. Courses thus numbered are transferable to four- year institutions. Agriculture courses are designed to parallel the work taught in similar courses at California Polytechnic State University or at California State University, Fresno but may not carry the same number.

Courses numbered 50-99 — are associate degree level courses. Courses thus numbered are primarily for the student who does not plan to continue his/her education beyond the community college level; however, occupational education courses may transfer according to articulation agreements. Complete information on articulation is available through the Counseling Center.

Courses Numbered 100-201 — are non-transfer and are non-degree applicable; they are skill building or remedial.

Abbreviations for Degree, Non-Degree, and Transfer Courses

The following abbreviations designate degree applicable, transfer, and non-degree applicable courses:
(AA) Associate Degree
(CSU) Transferable to California State University System
(UC) Transferable to University of California System
(NDA) Non-Degree Applicable

  • AOJ-007
  • Legal Aspects of Corrections
  • Credit(s) 3

Legal Aspects of Corrections
AOJ 007 provides students with an awareness of the historical framework, concepts and precedents that guide correctional practice. Course material will broaden the individual's perspective of the corrections environment, the civil rights of prisoners and responsibilities and liabilities of corrections officials. {This course has been identified by the Correctional Peace Officer Standards and Training Board of the Department of Corrections, California Youth Authority and California Correctional Peace Officers Association to fulfill educational requirements of the CPOST Certificate for apprentices hired after July 1, 1995 by the C.D.C. and C.Y.A.}

Class Hours:
54 Lecture
ENG 051A
Transfers to:
Transfers to CSU only