WHCC Celebrates

WHCC Celebrates National Root Beer Float Day

There’s nothing quite like a root beer float on a hot summer day. The fusion between the creamy vanilla ice cream, and the sharp carbonation of the root beer is as unique as it is delicious.

Since it’s creation in 1893, root beer floats have been enjoyed in mass all over the world, and the OG recipe has inspired many traditional favorites such as the Coke Float and the Purple Cow.

How does one enjoy this delicious day, you ask? By making your own root beer float of course! Grab your favorite root beer and vanilla ice cream and enjoy the classic summertime treat or create your own version of the fabulous ice cream and soda combination!

Here are some other famous floats you can try:

  • Coke Float – Coke + Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Boston Cooler – Ginger Ale + Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Snow White – 7-Up or Sprite + Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Purple Cow – Grape Soda and Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Sherbet Float – 7-Up or Sprite + Rainbow Sherbet

Try one, or try them all! Just have fun enjoying this sweet summertime treat.