College Life

NDC College Day

North District Center Firebaugh held a series of College Day events for local high school students in late April and early May. Here's a recap!

Hey West Hills and welcome to our annual college day for our Firebaugh High School students! This event is always so much fun for our incoming freshmen class and our staff to get to know each other and learn about our school and all we have to offer. The day started at 9AM beginning with sign-in and followed with our staff introducing themselves to the students and each of their roles on campus. Next, students were rotated through workshops on applying for financial aid and how to navigate our Canvas website. Afterwards, the Firebaugh students regrouped on the grass area for games and to learn about some of the programs offered here at West Hills that they could be apart of if they choose to attend in the Fall. Lastly, we provided free tacos to thank everyone who joined us! As for Firebaugh high, we hope to see you soon back in August and go Falcons! 

Another College Day was held the next week for Mendota High students as well!

NDC College Days: Student and Staff Perspective