College Life

NDC Celebrates Black History Month

On Wednesday, February 27, our NDC celebrated Black history month with an Achieving the Dream Panel workshop from 12 to 1.

The event was very successful with over 40 students who gathered for a free lunch while hearing some words of wisdom and motivation from our three keynote speakers, Dr. Kenneth Henry, Mr. Jim Grant, and our West Hills president, Brenda Thames. As students signed in, they grabbed lunch, which was pinwheels, granola bars, and soda, and scavenged to find an empty seat. Next, our speakers began by introducing themselves and their credentials, starting with our West Hills president. They then shared their success stories and the struggles they faced on their journeys to who they are now to show students that they too can achieve their dreams. Students were able to ask questions and open up about some of the struggles they themselves are facing and were provided with advice on how they might go about overcoming them. Overall, our students really enjoyed this event, and realized that everyone has to go through challenges as they improve themselves and move up the ladder of education; however, anyone can do it if they are willing and want it enough.


NDC Black History Month event: Student Perspective