Resource Wednesday

Resource Wednesday: Disabled Students Program and Services

Disabled Students Program and Services, or DSPS, is a program that works to remove physical barriers for students on campus, as well as provide students with support services that enable them to reach their academic goals.

WHCC’s DSPS program currently offers:

  • Adapted Physical Education, which provides exercise classes for individuals with a physical disability. Each exercise program is individual to the student and takes into consideration their current skill level, fitness level, interests and personal physical objectives.
  • Assistive Computer Technology, which provides equal legal consideration to access to facilities and technologies. This access to technology comes in many forms including specialized software, computer peripherals and self-contained portable devices that all support students in completing course work as independently as possible.
  • Note Taker Services, where notes can be photocopied and shared between another student or DSPS Aide and the student in need of assistance.
  • Reader Services, where qualified students receive assistance with reading their course textbooks and materials.
  • Test Proctoring, where accommodations like additional time and a distraction-free environment can be provided to the student.
  • Priority Registration Assistance
  • Learning Disability Assessment
  • Sign Language Interpretation
  • Specialized Equipment Loans

If you are a student who struggles with a physical or educational barrier, reach out to DSPS! There are several programs and services in place to ensure you reach all of your academic goals!