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Do You Have Any Questions For Us? How to Answer This Common Interview Question

It’s the end of a job or internship interview. You think the interview’s gone well. Then comes the question: do you have any questions for us?

This question can be off-putting and you may think you don’t have any questions. However, there’s a right way and wrong way to answer this.

The right way is to answer this question is to say yes!

Then, ask questions about the company that might help you make a decision about the job. Avoid clichés and don’t ask about salary or benefits. Instead, ask thoughtful questions about the position and company like “what do you see as growth opportunities for me in this role?” or “what does a typical day in this position look like?”

To learn more about how to answer this question, take a look at a video from Jobspeaker below. Ready to apply for a job or internship? Use Jobspeaker!

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