WHCC Virtual Resources Workshop Recap and Resource List

Miss our workshop on virtual resources available to you? Get a recap!

Frequently Asked Questions Covered at this Workshop
How do I make an appointment to use virtual resources?
How do I get tutoring help?
Chat with Library
How do I RSVP for Graduations?
Click on the RSVP Link to Graduation Ceremony
How do I get a hold of the Bookstore for a book or scholarship voucher?
Give them a call: (559) 934-2360 or email: 1098mgr@follett.com
I applied for a scholarship when will I be notified if I will receive one?
By the end of May 2020 you should receive a notification.
How do I become more comfortable with Zoom for my class?
See below link and work to schedule more student workshops based on topics you want to hear about