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Find the classes you need in the style you want this Fall at West Hills College Coalinga!

We know that being a student during these times can be difficult, and at West Hills College Coalinga, our mission is to make these times easier on you!

That’s why we’re offering most of our courses online this fall. Whether you’re working full time, picking up a side job, or just need to be there for your family, you can take your classes on your terms. AND with 9-week, 12-week, and 14-week options, many of your classes will be done before Thanksgiving!

We also have Face-to-Face options (traditional instruction in a physical classroom) primarily in essential worker careers and training.

Please visit the course schedule to see all of your options.

Benefits of Online Classes
  • Ability to fit class and study time around personal schedule – keep your job – still earn $$ - and get your college degree (Life-Work Balance)
  • Have more time with family (Life-Home Balance)
  • Taking classes on your time own time (Flexibility)
  • Ask questions at any time (Convenience)
  • Saves you time and money ($$$) from driving to campus (Cost-Savings)
  • Minimize potential exposure due to COVID-19 (Health & Well-Being) AND
  • Most classes will be done before Thanksgiving


Search Online for the Classes You Need: 

  • For Fully Online Courses Search "Online Coalinga"
  • For Face-to-Face Courses Search "Coalinga Campus"

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Questions and Communications

Check your student email for updates from your instructors as changes may
take place to the instructional method. If you have questions on any of this information, please call: (559) 934-2300 or email

You can also schedule a time to talk with a counselor/advisor online
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