Committee Members

Each Learning Area is represented by one or more committee members.  Area Representatives are shown below. Contact them or Arkady Hanjiev if you have any questions. Also, once you are done with the SLO for the semester you will also forward the final draft to them.


SLO Committee Member Areas


Full-Time Faculty Members


AG Clint Cowden
AOJ and CD Anita Bart
Art Melissa Delaney
BUS and CIS Sarah Shepard
English Scott Sutherland
ESL Maggie Discont
Health Careers Frank Morales and Sherry Barragan
HUM/PHIL/ED David Reynolds
Non-Teaching Faculty, IS, DSPS, LIB, and CWEE Sandy McGlothlin
PA and COM Harold Wiest
PE Tracey Jaurena and *Mark Gritton
PSYCH & SOC Staci Mosher
Science and Math **Arkady Hanjiev
Social Science

Kevin Wilds

* Administrative Representative

** SLO Coordinator