Curriculum Resources
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What's the latest in curriculum?

Major changes and revisions to Title V have been adopted in recent months.  There are two System Office publications outlining these changes as they relate directly to curriculum:

   Part One Changes

   Part Two Changes

The Academic Senate has also recently completed "The Course Outline of Record: A Curriculum Reference Guide".  It is a great piece of reference material to assist in crafting a powerful COR.  Your Area Representative has a hard copy of the notebook for you to use as needed!

Title V Online

This link will take you directly to the California Code of Regulations where you can easily access Title V.  Once you select the Title V link, Community College information is found in Chapter Six.

Academic Senate Curriculum Website

This site has a wealth of information on all things curriculum!  There are useful links, model documents, and more!


You can use this link to access all articulated courses between WHCCD and the CSU and UC systems.  It is a great link to validate prerequisites, look up course descriptions, see course numbering and MORE!

Program and Course Approval Handbook, 2003

This link will take you to the most recent handbook published by the Chancellor's Office.  Note the supplement link provided below.

Program and Course Approval Handbook Supplement

This provides a supplement to the existing Program and Course Approval Handbook, which is expected to be revised entirely by the end of 2008.  The supplement contains many of the changes that have recently come into effect.

Academic Affairs

Still want more course and program information?  This link will take you directly to the homepage for the California Community Colleges System Office.  There are several useful links on the right side of the page.  Enjoy!

Distance Education Guidelines (Draft)

A draft publication from the California Community College Chancellor's Office incorporating the new Title V requirements for Distance Education courses.

CSU Chancellor's Office Guiding Notes for General Education Reviewers

This provides guidelines for CSU faculty reviewing general education submissions from the Community College system.  It is a great resource to help ensure that any course you are reviewing or developing with the intent of CSU Breadth approval meetings the CSU criteria.