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How long will it take for my curriculum to appear on the committee agenda?


In general, it takes 2 – 3 weeks for curriculum to be ready for the agenda.  Before an item is “agenda ready” it must flow through the rep, TRC, and the CIO.  Check the Curriculum Routing Diagram for the specific steps involved.  Also keep in mind that the need to make corrections will add to that timeline.


What is my Area Representative looking for in my curriculum packet?


Click here for a checklist.


What is the Technical Review Committee looking for?


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What is required of a course textbook?


First, only textbooks on the Course Outlines are approved for use in the classroom.  In general, textbooks must be in use for at least 2 years before they are considered for change.  Also, when two or more faculty are teaching the same course a uniform text must be adopted.  For more information, see Board Policy 109.


All textbook forms require readability statistics that show the reading grade level.  This number corresponds directly to the form – in other words the readability statistics and the form should match!


When selecting a sample for readability, choose one paragraph from the beginning of the text, one from the middle, and one from the end. 


Transfer-level course require a textbook with a reading grade level of 11 or higher.


How do I complete readability statistics and determine the reading grade level of my text?


Calculating readability is relatively easy using Word.  Set your Spell Check to “show readability” under the Tools-Options menu.  After typing in your selection, run spell check the readability statistics will appear at the end.  On most computers, pressing fn-pntsc will copy the textbox.  Close the box, move your cursor to the end of your typing and “paste”.  You can also try Ctrl-Alt-Pntsc if your computer doesn’t have a function button.


When is my course ready for the schedule?


Once the college approval process is complete, all curriculum must be approved by the Board of Trustees.  This is done through a Curriculum Action Report, requested by the CIO. 


After these steps, the curriculum is available for the next scheduling semester.  If your course involves a substantial change (Datatel), it may not be available until fall of the next CATALOG YEAR.  For example, if you change the Course Description and the approval process is complete in March of 2008, your course will not be on the schedule until Fall of 2010 because the 2008/2009 catalog deadline has already passed.  (The catalog deadline is December 31st of every year.)  There is more flexibility is non-transfer level courses, but remember that your changes will not show until a new catalog comes out.