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Save Money: Attend a Community College

It’s well known that college can be expensive. However, for those students worried about cost, community colleges—and West Hills College Coalinga, West Hills College Lemoore or North District Center, Firebaugh— are a great option for getting an excellent education without a big price tag.

The cost to attend West Hills College Coalinga, West Hills College Lemoore or North District Center, Firebaugh—as well as any community college in the state of California—is just $46 per unit. A full-time student pays just $1,104 per year in enrollment fees. Compared to the $13,500 required for tuition at a University of California and the average over $6,000 price tag for tuition fees at a California State University, community college will give you a great education at a much lower cost.

West Hills College also offers over $500,000 in scholarships each year for students. These range from dozens of scholarships worth a few hundred dollars each to scholarships that cover the entire cost of tuition. These include the President’s Scholars Program—which offers free tuition and $250 a semester for books to exceptional California students—and the Agriculture Scholars Program, which offers $6,500 annually for tuition, books and allowable personal expenses.

West Hills College scholarship applications are due by March 1 each year.

There are also other ways to save even more money by attending West Hills College. All California residents can apply for the California College Promise Grant, which waives all enrollment fees for eligible applicants. Active duty military personnel can also apply for fees to be waived.

Students who choose to attend a community college save money while working toward certificates, associate’s degrees or while preparing themselves to transfer to a four-year university. Students transferring from community colleges, including West Hills College, have higher admissions priority than any other student applying to a UC or CSU thanks to articulation and transfer agreements.

A West Hills College education prepares students to transfer to any four-year university or to go directly into the workforce, at a fraction of the cost associated with going directly to a four-year school or private junior college.  

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