Meet Michael

Meet Michael. Michael went from fieldwork to agriculture leadership and a higher salary. How? Through West Hills QuickPath

Working in the fields was kind of expected of me. Both my parents are farm workers. And that’s what I did for a while. I worked as a farm worker. It was exhausting work and I only made about $10 an hour. Not worth it.

Then, I heard about Quick Path, from West Hills College. Quick Path is a program that gives you credit for what you know. Since I worked in the fields, I knew about irrigation and watering and how a farm operates. Instead of having to sit in a class and learn all that over again, I got credit for already knowing it through Quick Path and got through to earn my degree quicker.

I got credit for what I knew and got into a new career sooner.

Now, I’m earning over $23 an hour as a Precision Agriculture Specialist.

West Hills Community College District offers classes in Lemoore, Coalinga, Firebaugh and online.

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