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Gold Star Partner of the Month: Birdsong Brewery

This month's Gold Star CTE Partner of the Month is Birdsong Brewery of Lemoore.

The Winter 2019 partner of the month is Birdsong Brewery of Lemoore. Birdsong Brewery is a small batch brewery that showcases local, seasonal ingredients including locally sourced strawberries, pomegranates, flowers, and hops. They offer onsite and to-go sales at their taproom in Downtown Lemoore and a rotating menu of beers providing unique flavors and varieties. 

The brewery is currently partnering with West Hills College Lemoore to host a WHCL Hospitality, Restaurant and Casino Management student as an intern. Aaron Estrada is learning the brewing process of beer and how to run your own business. 

"Aaron has learned an extensive amount about the day-to-day operations, manufacturing, and the beer industry as a whole," said Phil Wren, owner. 

Things Aaron has learned include: 

  • Understanding of various malts and adjunct brewing ingredients and their role in the brewing process
    • Help with recipe development from pale ales to stouts
  • Understanding the importance of cleaning and sanitation as it pertains to the storage of beer
    • Cleaning operations of boil kettles, conical fermentors, and kegs
  • Proper pouring techniques to appropriately serve beer
    • Ensuring a full glass of beer with an appropriate amount of head/foam
  • Understanding the brewery supply chain and inventory management


Learn more about taking on a WHCL intern at