Interested in Soil Science?

Interested in agriculture? Want to better agricultural production through research and experimentation on soil? Consider a career as a soil scientist! West Hill’s degree and certificate programs will give you the hands-on training necessary to being successful in your future career as a soil scientist.

What do Soil Scientists do?

Soil scientists analyze soils to understand how its conditions can affect human health and agricultural production. They help to maintain a balance with soils so that it is healthy and can be reused.  There are various forms of soil scientists. Pedologists study the evolution of soil and use its history to predict how it will change when used. They may analyze soil use that goes from agriculture to manufacturing, manufacturing to residential, and many other scenarios. Soil chemists, soil physicians, and soil microbiologists see soil as a complex substance that supports plant growth, gets rid of pollution, and stores water and nutrients. West Hills College’s certificate and degree programs will give you the knowledge necessary to help agricultural production and keep plants and humans safe. At West Hills College, the degree and certificate program you undertake will give you thorough preparation and the skills necessary for your career as a soil scientist.

What would I make as a Soil Scientist?

In 2018, the average annual wage for a soil scientist in California was $77,957.

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