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Interested in Becoming a Registered Nurse?

Have you ever wanted a hands-on job that will help improve the lives of others? If so, consider becoming a registered nurse! With West Hills College Lemoore and West Hills College Coalinga's degree and certificate programs, you'll gain the knowledge necessary to become successful in your career as a registered nurse.

What does a Registered Nurse do?

A registered nurse is tasked to help perform diagnostic tests, evaluate health-related problems that the patient might exhibit, and record and evaluate a patient’s medical history. It is important to keep up your stamina and physical strength in this competitive field because you may find yourself lifting patients from their beds or chairs or running around the facility. There are various forms of patient care that a registered nurse can specialize in such as hospital nursing, office nursing, home health nursing, public health nursing, and if you go on to get your master’s degree you can specialize as a nurse practitioner.

At West Hills College Coalinga and West Hills College Lemoore, the degree or certificate programs that you choose to undertake will prepare you for any specialty that you chose. West Hills College will provide the hands-on training necessary to either transfer to a four-year university or get right into your future career as a registered nurse!

What would I make as a Registered Nurse?

In California in 2018, the average wage of a registered nurse in 2018 was $102,288. There are opportunities to make more depending on your specialty, how large the facility that you work in is, and how large the city is.

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