Become A Radio or Television Announcer

Have you ever dreamed of having your voice heard by thousands or even millions of people? West Hills College Lemoore and West Hills College Coalinga's Communication degrees or certificates can help you in your future career in television or radio announcing and give you the skills you need to succeed.

What does a Radio or Television Announcer do?

As a Radio or Television Announcer, you will be tasked to do many different things depending on where you work. You could be asked to interview people,  provide information on upcoming songs and their artists, provide commentary on said songs as well as traffic and weather conditions, and become the master of ceremonies at certain events. An announcer is much more than an amazing voice, and West Hills College will always be there to provide you the knowledge necessary to pursue this career!

At West Hills College, we provide the degrees and certificates necessary for you to eventually become an announcer! You will learn what you need to know about television production as well as how to communicate events to a broad audience with the West Hills College degrees and certificates  in Liberal and Performance arts.

What would I earn as a Radio or Television Announcer?

The average salary in 2017 was $32,450 but can change depending on the network you will be working for and your location.

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West Hills Programs Offered Leading to this Career:

West Hills College Coalinga

West Hills College Lemoore

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