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Thinking About A Career in Radiation Therapy?

Do you want to stop tumors in their tracks and help cancer patients have a fast and easy recovery? Consider a career as a Radiation therapist! West Hills College's degree programs can prepare you not only for your transition to a four-year college or university, but give you the knowledge necessary to be successful in your future career as a radiation therapist.

What to Radiation Therapists do?

Radiation therapists provide therapy with the inclusion of radiation to cancer patients as prescribed by a radiation oncologist or other physician. They use machines such as x-ray machines and linear accelerators to target tumors and shrink them. A radiation therapist creates a treatment plan for their patients that they thoroughly explain to them and answer any questions that the patient may have. During treatment, a radiation therapist monitors the patient’s physical state and asks if they’ve had any side effects. They also monitor their mental state and well-being. This is a fragile time in the patient’s life, and so a radiation therapist should be as considerate as possible and help them through their stress. West Hills College’s degree programs will help you down the path towards a career that will save lives. At West Hills College, you will receive the preparation and skills necessary to become a radiation therapist.

What would I make as a Radiation Therapist?

In 2016, the average annual wage for a radiation therapist in California was $114,965.

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