Public Safety

What Can You Do With a Public Safety Degree or Certificate?

West Hills College offers many different options for students looking to go into a public safety career. Associate degree programs offered include Administration of Justice- Law Enforcement, Administration of Justice- Corrections, and EMT- Paramedic. Students can also earn Associate for Transfer degrees in Administration of Justice and Political Science, special degrees which guarantee admission into California State University schools if other eligibility requirements are met. Those interested in earning a certificate can earn an EMT- Paramedic Certificate or OT Judicial Assistant/County Clerk Local Certificate.

The career options for Public Safety students are numerous. Administration of Justice students can apply the knowledge gained from earning an associate’s degree toward a career in law enforcement as a police officer, correctional officer, parole or probation officer or in private security. It also prepares students to work toward a career in criminology, forensics or crime scene investigation. Those majoring in political science can also apply their degree toward a career in politics, academia or even toward law school once a bachelor’s degree is earned. Students who take advantage of the Associated Degree for Transfer program will be prepared to transfer to a CSU or other university, with a guaranteed spot at a CSU. Students who major in Public Safety at West Hills College can expect to graduate prepared to enter the public safety field and to apply for jobs or to continue their studies at a university.

What Can I Earn?

Earnings depends on what career is pursued. The median wage in 2016 for Police and Sheriff Patrol Officers in California was $96,763 annually, or $46.52 hourly. For correctional officers it was $77,378. For probation officers the state average wage was $85,593 annually. Security guards had an average starting salary annually of $25,075 in 2016. Students can make an excellent wage just out of school or pursue more education for careers ranging from politics to becoming a lawyer.

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