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What does a Probation Officer do?

Are you interested in assisting those who have broken the law to become functioning members of society? Do you possess strong communication and motivation skills? Being a Probation Officer may be the best career for you! West Hills College’s degree programs will take you a step closer towards your future career as a probation officer.

What does a Probation Officer do?

As a probation officer, it will be your responsibility to help those who are in custody, on probation, or on parole with their rehabilitation. One of your jobs as a probation officer will be to help them find a job, get the training they need, and to make sure they are not breaking the rules of their probation. West Hills College’s degree programs will give you extensive knowledge of this career and will prepare you to also further your education at a four-year university.

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What would I make as a Probation Officer?

In 2018, the average annual wage of a Californian probation officer was $87,889.

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