Interested in a Career as a Pre-School Teacher?

Are you good with children? Want to help toddlers develop fundamental skills that will make them successful in their later education? Becoming a pre-school teacher might be the perfect career for you! West Hills College’s certificate and degree programs will give you the knowledge necessary to start your career as a pre-school teacher.

What do Pre-School Teachers do?

Pre-school teachers help with the social and intellectual growth of children through interaction, games, and other activities. These teachers encourage curiosity and creativity through various activities that help these children question, experiment, and investigate. Pre-school teachers develop a child’s ability to work in a team by assigning group projects and introduce mathematical and scientific concepts by using count blocks and mixing paints.

West Hills College’s certificate and degree programs will give you the skills necessary to conduct activities that promote growth within each child that you’ll be teaching. You will also be given a thorough understanding of how to take care of children who are exhibiting developmental or behavior problems. At West Hills College, the degree and certificate program you undertake will prepare you for what may occur in your future career as a pre-school teacher. It will also prepare you for any future education you may need to enter this field.

What would I make as a Pre-School Teacher?

In 2018, the average annual income of a pre-school teacher in California was $34,191.

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