Interested in a Career in Post-Secondary Education?

Interested in teaching your favorite subject at a college level? Become a postsecondary school teacher! West Hills College’s certificate and degree programs will give you the knowledge necessary for your future career as a postsecondary teacher!

What do Postsecondary Teachers do?

Postsecondary teachers teach subjects such as biology or English at a college level. There are many postsecondary teachers who do more than teach their students. Some conduct research on a specific topic and write essays about it while others create textbooks on the subject they teach. Most teachers who conduct research work at a university. Postsecondary teachers must have a Master’s degree or PhD depending on what level they wish to teach at. 

West Hills College’s certificate and degree programs will prepare you for any college or university you will work for. What you will learn from West Hills College’s degree and certificate programs will better you as you continue your education and start your career as a postsecondary teacher.

What would I make as a Postsecondary Teacher?

In 2016, the average salary for a postsecondary teacher in California was $69,1197.

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