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Planning a Career in Politics?

Interested in government and politics? Want to make a difference in our community? Become a politician! West Hills College’s degree programs will give you the knowledge necessary to be successful in your future career as a politician.

What do Politicians do?

The main task of being a politician is making a difference. There are various levels of politics that will determine your workload and how much you will travel. A mayor of a city will pass legislation and create budgets that will benefit the community while a state senator will write and pass laws. A politician acts as the voice for the people and the underrepresented. Your job as a politician will be to give the masses a voice and let them have a say on what should be changed within the system. At the city level you will hold council meetings that will inform the public of plans that will occur and let them speak about how they feel about those plans. At a higher level you may find yourself doing press conferences and talking to reporters about upcoming plans. West Hills College’s degree programs will give you the skills and knowledge to write these important documents and make decisions that you deem necessary for the public. At West Hills College, the degree program that you take will prepare you to transfer to a four-year university and start your career as a politician.

What would I make as a Politician?

The average annual income for a Californian politician will differ depending on your position. Some jobs are unpaid while others pay more.

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