Considering a Career as a Physicist?

Would you like to help other scientists unlock the secrets of the universe? Consider a career as a physicist! West Hills College Lemoore’s physics degree program will give you the knowledge and preparation necessary to continue your education at a university and pursue your future career as a physicist.

What do Physicists do?

Physicists study matter within the universe. They explain their observances with models and theories and use their new knowledge to create technology and products and further our understanding of the universe. Physicists often work in teams and teach each other their findings. When you gain more experience in this career, you may be asked to mentor newer physicists. You can specialize in specific types of physics such as astrophysics, biophysics, geophysics, and nuclear physics. West Hills College’s degree program will prepare you for any form of physics that you decide to specialize in.

What would I make as Physicist?

In 2018, the average salary for a Physicist in California was $114,697.

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