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Interested in Law? Consider Becoming a Paralegal

Do you want to improve the efficiency of the legal system? A career as a paralegal or legal assistant might be the perfect career for you! West Hills College’s degree and certificate programs will give you the knowledge necessary to continue your education at a four-year university and/or start your career as a paralegal and legal assistant.

What do Paralegal and Legal Assistants do?

Paralegal and legal assistants help lawyers prepare for meetings, hearings, and trials. They often do research on laws, legal articles, and other materials that will help them better understand the case that they’re working on. Because the law field has become so complex over the years, many paralegal and legal assistants specialize in specific areas of law such as lawsuits, personal injury, and bankruptcy. Those who work for corporations monitor new government regulations so they will always know if their company is working within the law. Paralegal and legal assistants who work for community projects help others in need of aid or legal service. West Hills College’s programs can give you the knowledge necessary to becoming a successful paralegal and legal assistant no matter who you will be working for in the future.

What would I make as a Paralegal and Legal Assistant?

The average annual income in 2016 of a paralegal and legal assistant in California was $57,441.

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