Thinking of a Career as an Office Clerk?

Do you know how to work various programs on a computer? Do you like book keeping? Consider pursuing a career as an office clerk! West Hills College’s certificate and degree programs will give you the knowledge necessary to be successful in your future career as an office clerk.

What do Office Clerks do?

The responsibilities of an office clerk vary depending on what office they work for. An office clerk for a law firm will do completely different work than an office clerk for a doctor’s office or non-profit organization. Many store important documents and answer phone calls. Others may create the payroll for their office, bookkeep, and create reports for their bosses and supervisors. There are specific titles for an office clerk that describe where they work such as police clerk and Congressional Aide. A police clerk keeps track of records that are important for the police department that they are working for. Congressional district aides work with elected officials and help assist the citizens that live in their region.

West Hills College’s degree and certificate programs will prepare you for the work that is expected of any office clerk. At West Hills College, the degree and certificate program you undertake will give you the skills necessary to complete any task that is given to you and will help you succeed in your future career as an office clerk.

What would I make as an Office Clerk?

In 2016, the average annual income of an office clerk was $33,502, but will vary widely depending on where you work.

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