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Thinking About a Career as a Mathematician?

Do you love numbers? Interested in using your math abilities to solve real-world problems? Mathematician will be the perfect career for you! West Hills College’s degree programs will give you the knowledge and preparation necessary to continue your education plan and become a mathematician.

What do Mathematicians do?

There are many aspects within this career that a mathematician may do. They create new theories and rules and expand their knowledge in math. They use their abilities to prove or disprove theories. A mathematician applies their mathematical techniques to solve problems within sectors such as engineering, business, and the sciences. They also use data analysis to improve and support business decisions. Not only does a mathematician have the opportunity to work with a business, they also have the ability to become a teacher for elementary all the way to university level. West Hills College’s degree programs will prepare you for what you decide to specialize within your future career as a mathematician!

What would I make as a Mathematician?

The average annual wage in 2018 for a Californian mathematician was $111,823.

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