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Thinking of Pursuing a Career as a Lawyer?

Do you have good communication and debate skills? Want to help people navigate their way within the legal field? Consider becoming a lawyer! At West Hills College, many of our degree programs will prepare you for your future fast-paced career as a lawyer.

What do Lawyers do?

Lawyers advocate for their clients during legal situations and teach them their legal rights. There are various forms of this career that you can specialize in: criminal lawyers help their clients when they are accused of a crime, civil attorneys help with noncriminal cases, corporate lawyers advise companies on possibly illegal activity that has arisen within their business, and government lawyers represent the government in cases and help in the creation of state and federal programs. West Hills College’s degree programs will prepare you for any specialty you decide to do during your career as a lawyer. At West Hills College, the degree program you take will give you the knowledge necessary to continue your education at a university and start your career as a lawyer.

What would I make as a Lawyer?

In 2018, the average annual wage for a lawyer in California was $151,985. This amount can vary depending on if you’re private practice and the area that you’re working in.

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