Interested in Becoming an Irrigation Technician?

Do you like working outdoors? Interested in pursuing a career that requires working with your hands. Irrigation technician will be the perfect career for you! West Hills College’s certificate program will give you the skills necessary to being successful in your future career as an Irrigation Technician.

What do Irrigation Technicians do?

Irrigation technicians are responsible for maintaining the watering systems of the property. By fulfilling this task, an irrigation technician must know how to fix various forms of irrigation technology such as a water pump, sprinkler system, and water lines. An irrigation technician should know the California green building code or CALGreen so that they can calibrate their system to fit the requirements. They should be familiar on working with digging equipment such as an auger, backhoe, or shovel in order to get to the system that they’re trying to fix. Irrigation technicians can find themselves working on an agriculture field, golf courses, or any other lot that requires irrigation. West Hills College’s certificate program will prepare you for any field that you work on and any problem that may come to you on the job. With West Hills College, the certificate program you undertake will give you the knowledge necessary to starting your career as an irrigation technician.

What would I make as an Irrigation Technician?

In 2010, the average annual wage for an irrigation technician in California was $27,380.

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