What Does a GPS/GIS Technician Do?

If you’re interested in geography and agriculture, becoming a GPS/GIS Technician could be a great fit for you! West Hills College Coalinga will give you the hands-on experience necessary for success in this field.

What does a GPS/GIS Technician do?

As a GPS/GIS Technician, you will be in charge of mapping and surveying an area under the direction of a surveyor, cartographer, or photogrammetrist for mapmaking, boundary location, construction, and much more. With the help of West Hills College, you will get the education and hands-on-training needed to continue your education path and start your GPS/GIS Technician career! You will work with global positioning satellite (GPS) systems, geographic information system (GIS) software, automatic tractor guidance systems, variable rate chemical input applicators, surveying equipment, and related computer software. You can do everything in this career from plotting farmer’s fields to tracking wildlife!

What would I earn as a GPS/GIS Technician?

On average in California, the annual wage in 2018 was over $64,495.

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