Thinking of Becoming a Geologist?

Interested in learning more about the composition of the earth? Want to help others learn more about the planet they live on? Then, you may want to consider a career in geology! West Hills College’s degree programs will give you the knowledge necessary to start your career as a geologist.

What do Geologists do?

A geologist studies the composition of the Earth. These aspects may include the atmosphere, soil, oceans, the internal composition, and the Earth’s gravitational, magnetic, and electrical forces. Geologists may use their knowledge to locate gas, underground water sources, oil, minerals, or environmental problems. With their findings, they can create research papers, go to conferences, and talk to other geologists to compare notes. A geologist may also go into teaching at high school or college levels. West Hills College’s degree programs will prepare you for whether you decide to work out in the field or teach the younger generation about their planet. At West Hills College, the degree program you undertake will help you continue your education at a four-year college or university and start your career as a geologist.

What would I make as a Geologist?

In 2018, the average wage for a geologist in California was $91,595.

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