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Interested in a Career in the Casino Business?

Do you have an interest in card games? Do you like working with and managing a team? Being a Gaming Manager will be the perfect career for you! West Hills College Lemoore’s certificate and degree programs will give you the skills necessary to start your career as a Gaming Manager.

What do Gaming Managers do?

As a Gaming Manager, you will be required to know the rules of the games played at the establishment you’re working for and know the tricks that can be used on those games. The reason for this is that one of your duties as a gaming manager is to supervise the gaming tables and make sure that the dealers are playing by house rules and none of the patrons are cheating. Gaming managers are in charge of creating the schedules of their workers and making sure that there is enough staff at each table. They handle the complaints of the patrons and do as much as they can to resolve them.

West Hills College’s degree and certificate programs will give you the skills necessary to successfully lead a dedicated team of workers. At West Hills College, you will learn the rules of management at a casino level. West Hills College’s certificates will help you get right into the game management world while the Hotel Restaurant and Casino Management degree gives you an opportunity to further your knowledge of management at a CSU or UC.

What would I earn as a Gaming Manager?

Depending on the establishment and where you work in California, the average annual wage in 2016 for a gaming manager was $79,514.

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