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Interested in a Career as a Gaming Dealer?

Do you love playing card games? Interested in learning the art of dealing cards? Consider a career as a gaming dealer! West Hills College Lemoore’s programs will give you the skills needed to start your career as a Gaming Dealer.

What does a Gaming Dealer do?

As a Gaming Dealer, you will be operating the table game (Blackjack or various forms of Poker) assigned to you. In this fast-paced environment, it is expected of the dealer to know the game they are in charge of and to enforce the rules of the game to the patrons. Not only do they deal cards, a Gaming Dealer is also in charge of monitoring their customers and making sure they don’t break the rules of the establishment. They must have good customer service skills to ensure that each game runs smoothly and that no fights break out during their games. Be aware that some conditions of the establishment you work for could contain hazards- such as cigarette smoke- and various distractions like loud chattering from people not at your table and sounds from lottery machines.

West Hills College’s certificate and degree programs will give you the skills necessary to become a well-trained game dealer! At West Hills College you will learn how to become a game dealer in a casino environment and you will be given enough preparation to go straight into game dealing!

What would I earn as a Game Dealer?

In California in 2018, the average annual salary of a game dealer was $25,047 . This value can change depending on which establishment you work for.

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