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Become a Food Service Manager!

Do you have an interest in business? Love working with food? Food Service Management might be the perfect career for you! At West Hills College, the certificate and degree programs you can take will prepare you for your future career in food service management.

What does a Food Service Manager do?

A food service manager has many of the same responsibilities as a regular manager including the creation of work schedules for the employees, observing their work, and making sure that customers leave the establishment feeling satisfied. They make sure that any question asked to them is answered and any complaints are resolved. There are also some creative aspects to this position. You might find yourself creating specialty recipes for the establishment. There may be cases in this position where you help with the duties of the staff if the restaurant you’re working for is busy.

No matter your responsibilities or how large the restaurant, West Hills College’s degree and certificate programs will make sure to prepare you for anything that is thrown at you. At West Hills College, the certificate and degree programs that you enroll in will give you the experience and knowledge necessary to start your career as a food service manager!

What would I earn as a Food Service Manager?

In California, the average salary for a food service manager in 2018 was $48,112 You annual wage could change depending on how large the restaurant is and the location it is in.

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