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Considering a Career in Exercise Physiology?

Want to help improve the health of you patients and lower their risk of heart, lung, and other diseases? Exercise physiology could be the perfect career for you! West Hills College’s degree programs will give you the skills necessary to start your future career as an exercise physiologist.

What do Exercise Physiologists do?

Exercise physiologists work one-on-one with their patients to create an exercise plan that will improve their health and prevent certain diseases from developing. They may also work with athletes to make sure they have proper training and to improve their performance. An exercise physician records their patient’s progress and makes adjustments to their workout plan if needed. There are exercise companies that work with exercise physiologists to build equipment that will benefit their customers. Athletic trainers hire exercise physiologists to help them prevent injuries among their athletes and create programs to help in their recovery.

West Hills College’s degree programs will ensure that you are prepared to help anyone who wants to improve their physical health. By undertaking a degree program at West Hills College, you will be better prepared to further your education at a four-year college and become an exercise physiologist.

What would I make as an Exercise Physiologist?

In 2017, the average annual wage for an exercise physiologist in California was $67,057.

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