Child Development

Make a Difference with a Career as a Child Care Worker

If you enjoy the energy and company of a child and love doing activities that help with learning, then entry level child care is the perfect career path for you! West Hills College’s various childhood development degree and certificate programs will give you the knowledge necessary to become successful in the field of child care.

What does an Entry Level Child Care Worker do?

As an entry level child care worker, it will be your responsibility to take care of toddlers and children while their parents are away. In special circumstances, you must have a basic understanding of how to perform first aid or administer medication. You must learn how to pick up behavioral clues or developmental problems and bring them to the parent or guardian’s attention. A child care worker creates a safe and creative environment for the child that encourages them to learn and mature. They use both structured activities, such as storytelling or art, and unstructured activities to develop important problem solving and social skills. Within this career, you will be preparing the child for more formal education.

At West Hills College, you will learn the basic skills necessary to become an entry level child care worker. You will learn the basics of child care as well as how a child develops. At West Hills College, you will also gain a better understanding of a child’s behavior and how to run a daycare.

What would I earn as an Entry Level Child Care Worker?

In California in 2016, the average wage for an entry level child care worker was $24,927. Wages will differ depending on how big the city you’re working in is, how many children you’re taking care of, and other factors.

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