What Can You Do With a Degree in Engineering?

Want to help build the world and do everything from designing aircrafts to crafting life-saving medical devices? Consider a career as a Mechanical Engineer! At West Hills College Lemoore, our engineering program will give you the knowledge necessary to continue your education and start your career as a mechanical engineer.

What Do Mechanical Engineers Do?

Mechanical Engineers research, design, manufacture and test aircraft, vehicles, medical devices, manufacturing equipment, computer systems and other mechanical devices. This is one of the most versatile engineering disciplines. As a Mechanical Engineer, you could be doing everything from working on electric generators to evaluating designs for energy performance. There are also several subsets of Mechanical Engineers, including Automotive Engineers and Fuel Cell Engineers.

With West Hills College Lemoore’s Engineering Program, you’ll learn the foundational knowledge and skill sets needed to become an engineer. Through a project-based curriculum, our students dabble in engineering design, physics, math and chemistry. Students will prepare to enter any of the several disciplines within engineering. 

What would I make as a Mechanical Engineer?

In 2018, the average wage for a mechanical engineer in California was $99,780.

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