Thinking of Becoming an Elementary School Teacher?

Have you dreamed of becoming an elementary school teacher and shaping young minds? West Hills College’s Elementary Teacher Education degrees can help prepare you for that career in education. West Hills College offers several different degrees and certificates in child development and education, including several specifically designed for students interested in becoming elementary school teachers.

What do Elementary School Teachers Do?

As an elementary school teacher, you would instruct and introduce students from Kindergarten to eight grade to a variety of subjects, including mathematics, reading, language arts, science and social studies. Elementary school teachers also play an important role in helping children learn social skills and setting them on the path to a successful future. Elementary school teaching is often very hands-on, with teachers using movies, music and interactive projects to teach students. As an elementary teacher, you would most likely teach one class of students in multiple subjects. You can work in the public schools, a private school, charter schools or even as a private tutor! This is a great job for fun, creative, passionate individuals dedicated to making a difference.

West Hills College degrees give you all of the basic skills you need to transfer to a four-year university/credential program and eventually start your career as a teacher! Our degrees also feature hands-on learning so that you can get experience even as you work toward a degree.

What Would I Earn as an Elementary School Teacher?

Salaries vary but the average wage for an elementary school teacher in 2018 was $79,186 in California.

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