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What Can You Do With Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Training?

Love cooking or baking? Interested in a bartending career or a career in hotel restaurant or casino management? Then, the Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management program is for you! West Hills College Lemoore offers several certificates and a degree program in this area include a Hotel, Restaurant and Casino Management Associate’s Degree and Certificates of Achievement in Restaurant Management Chef Apprentice; Restaurant Management; Hotel Management; and Casino Management. Local Certificates are available in Mixology; Culinary and Baking Arts, Bartender and Beverage Management; Pastry and Baking Arts; Dining Room Service and Management; Restaurant Skills; Hotel Skills; and Casino Skills.

What Can You Do With a Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Degree or Certificate?

Our industry specific degree and certificate programs prepare students for success in the restaurant, hospitality, culinary arts and casino management fields. Students can earn a degree or certificate and graduate ready for entry-level positions and will all of the skills needed to make a living in the industry. Students interested in specific careers can choose to earn a certificate and seek employment as a pastry chef, hotel or casino worker, chef and more or can choose to earn our Associate’s degree for a overview of the entire hospitality field. Our program aims to provide individualized, hands-on training. Hands-on training is a major part of all of the certificates and the degree offered within this program.

Students who successfully complete a degree or certificate can seek employment in the field immediately or choose to transfer to a four-year institution if they’ve earned a degree and want to further their education.

What Can I Earn?

Gaming dealers earned an average wage of $25,047 in California in 2018 while gaming managers earned an annual $83,772. Bakers earned an average of $27,677 in California in 2018 while bartenders earned an average of $28,441. Food service managers earned an average $48,112 a year while hotel managers earned $61,033 a year. The potential for higher wages exist in all occupations depending on location and where you are employed.

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