Restaurant Management

Interested in Cooking? Become a Chef!

Do you often find yourself getting creative with your recipes? Then consider becoming a Chef or Head Cook! If you pursue a certificate or degree at West Hills College Lemoore, you will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience that will help you later with your career as a Chef or Head Cook.

What does a Chef/Head Cook do?

As a Chef/Head Cook, it will be your responsibility to plan and supervise the cooking of a variety of dishes. Depending on how large the establishment is, you could be working with an entire team of chefs on one full-course meal or by yourself or with one other chef or assistant. Being a Chef or Head Cook can be stressful at times, but if you have good time management skills and work well under pressure you can succeed! You will be expected to work quickly on a dish that will meet the usual quality expectations. West Hills College’s certificate and degree programs will prepare you for these stressful moments. Working with other future chefs, you will learn how to work with a team of cooks in a similar restaurant kitchen environment.

What would I earn as a Chef and Head Cook?

In 2018, the average annual wage for a Chef or Head Cook in California was $49,837. This can change depending on where you work and how large the establishment is.

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