Interested in a Career as a Bookkeeper Clerk?

Are you an organized person interested in finance? A career as a Bookkeeper Clerk might be the best fit for you! By taking one of the degree or certificate programs offered by West Hills College, you will be one step ahead of the competition while learning valuable business-related skills at a higher education level.

What does a Bookkeeper Clerk do?

A Bookkeeper Clerk is in charge of keeping a financial record for a company. Depending on the size of the firm or company that you’ll work for, you could be responsible for the entire book of records or just a specific section. They balance the books and make reports of financial statements for the company. As a bookkeeper, you’ll also be in charge of calculating the wages of the employees and issuing their paychecks.

West Hills College’s programs will prepare you for this finance-heavy career as it introduces you to the business world and the tasks that come with it. By going to West Hills College, you’ve already made the first step towards your future career as a Bookkeeper Clerk!

What would I earn as a Bookkeeper Clerk?

In California, the average wage for a Bookkeeper Clerk in 2018 was $46,103. In certain parts of California, and depending on how large the company that you work for is, you can make as much as $57,956 a year!

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