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Love Baking? Become a Baker!

Do you enjoy creating pastries and baked desserts? Interested in turning that hobby into a career? Becoming a baker will be the perfect fit for you! West Hills College certificate programs will give you hands-on experience in your future career as a baker.

What does a Baker do?

Being a baker is not just making delicious creations. As a baker, you will be tasked with knowing which ingredients to use for specific projects, evaluating the quality of those ingredients, and regularly checking your equipment and utensils to make sure that they meet health and safety regulations. Bakers often work in the early hours of the morning before regular customers are awake to ensure that they’ll have enough fresh products for the day. Depending on how large the company that you’re working for is, you might be responsible for all of the baking or you could work with a team of bakers that specialize with certain products such as cakes or Danishes.

With the West Hills College certificate programs, you will be given the opportunity of having hands-on experience with professionals in this field. West Hills College will make sure that you gain the knowledge necessary to be successful in your future career as a baker!

What would I earn as a Baker?

The average annual salary of a Baker in 2017 was $26,709, but that value can change depending on how large the establishment is and its location in California.

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