Renew your Financial Aid Starting October 1

It's time soon to renew your financial aid! Here are some tips!

Here are 7 things you need to complete your FAFSA or Dream applications: 

  1. Your FSA ID or Dream username & password
  2. Your social security number or TIN for 
    Dream students
  3. Your driver’s license number (only if you have a 
    driver's license)
  4. Your 2018 tax records* ie. 2018 w-2s, 2018 1040 tax returns
  5. Records of your untaxed income*
    i.e. child support, interest income, and veterans non-education 
  6. Records of your assets (money)*
    i.e. banking account balances, stocks, bonds, real estate
  7. List of the school(s) you are interested in attending: 


West Hills College Coalinga/NDC school code: 001176

West Hills College Lemoore school code: 041113