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Why Should You Join a Club on Campus?

There are many things to discover while attending college- you find out more about yourself, the people around you, and your community. Attending your courses only skims the surface of these discoveries. The best way to learn about yourself is to find what interests you. One great way to get to know your own interests, make friends and have fun is to join a club at West Hills College Lemoore, West Hills College Coalinga or North District Center Firebaugh.

There are many clubs offered and even more opportunities to make your own club if the ones that already exist don’t interest you.

Community Involvement

There are many clubs at West Hills College that not only impact the college, but their community as well. They create events in town to bring people together and participate in community service. A club can take part in large events held by the town and bring awareness to their club and the college to the people. West Hills College clubs range from a food pantry club that helps provide food to students and members of the community to art and video clubs and cultural clubs.


The best way to find out what you’re really passionate about is by joining a club. College is a time of expression, and what better way to express yourself than in a club with other people that have the same interests as you.

Although not considered a club, participating in the ASB organization at West Hills College will help you decide if you want to have a future career in politics. Joining a theater club might bring out the thespian in you, or maybe you’ll discover that you’re more of a behind-the-scenes type of person. Join an environmental club and help make your campus, and potentially the world, more eco-friendly. Create a comedy club and make friends with people who are just as funny as you. There are so many networking and friendship opportunities with clubs that it’s hard to not find a group that you’ll be comfortable in.

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