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Looking to transfer? Here are some tips!

Transferring to a new school from West Hills College can be a stressful time. Applying to a four-year institution, picking your major, and making sure that your credits transfer are problems that all West Hills College transfers have gone though. There are ways to ease this stress and make this change go as smooth as possible.

  1. Complete your General Education Requirements

Most, if not all, of your GE courses will transfer to your future school. Even if you don’t know what you want to major in, you can still knock out a year and a half or 2 by completing your GE at West Hills College.

  1. Get an Associate’s Degree for Transfer

If you already know what you want to major in and are worried about whether the classes you’ve taken will transfer, do an Associate’s degree for transfer. An agreement made between community colleges and most UC’s and CSU’s makes it so all the courses that you take under this degree are guaranteed to transfer.

  1. Check out which classes will transfer

If you’re still worried about whether or not your classes will transfer, check out the Assist website. This website shows you which West Hills College classes will transfer to your future school. This will help you see which major prerequisite courses you’ve already completed and those you’ll need to complete so you won’t have to waste your time or hard-earned money on classes that you don’t need.

  1. Complete your FAFSA

Complete your FAFSA early! There are many campuses that award scholarships to those who have filed the FAFSA form, and if you complete that form early you’ll have a better chance of earning that scholarship. There are many resources at West Hills College that will help you fill out a FAFSA form and other financial aid forms. Keep an eye out for workshops and info sessions and ask your counselors for help!

  1. Complete the college application itself

There are some college applications that require a personal statement and some that don’t. No matter what requirements your application has, West Hills College has workshops to help you fill them out. Have someone at West Hills College look over your application to make sure it’s perfect.

  1. Visit the campus

Visit the campus of your dream school to get a feel for the area and check out the resources that they have. There are many opportunities at West Hills College that let you take a field trip to these classes. There are also opportunities to talk to the representatives of that school when they visit West Hills College. Talk to your advisors if you’re unsure of what college you want to transfer to. The staff at West Hills College is more than happy to answer any question you have.

  1. Complete your degree

If you have a degree for transfer or a regular degree, make sure you graduate with it. Although only 20% of community college students transfer, 60% of those students get their Bachelor’s degree within 4 years.  It has been proven that 70% of transfers that graduated with their Associate’s degree get their Bachelor’s degree within 4 years while those who did not graduate have a significantly lower percentage. The results of this study suggest that the graduates were better prepared for the course load than their regular transfer counterparts. Statistic source. 

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